The Royal Magician of Oz Trilogy is a 3 volume tale of magic and wonder that recalls the cherished values of friendship, loyalty and courage. This timeless tale of Oz reminds us of the value of overcoming our deepest fears and conquering the challenges that might otherwise defeat us.

Volume One; Magician of Oz, Volume Two; Shadow Demon of Oz and Volume Three; Family of Oz are now available for your reading enjoyment, as well as The Ozian Adventure of Pickleless & Blu.

The Emerald Slippers of Oz
, featuring an Introduction by Roger S. Baum; great grandson of L. Frank Baum, as well as Tails of Oz are also
available for your reading enjoyment.

The newest adventure in Oz, entitled: Nomes of Oz is now available and fast becoming a best-seller in the Land of Oz.

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Friday, January 28, 2011

Ruminations On The Journey Ahead!

In a matter of hours, I set my feet upon the road east and on to Magifest, the 80th annual gathering of the International Brotherhood of Magicians. It is the culmination of over 2 years of hard work and many a restless night as I strive towards fulfilling the Royal Command of Her Majetsy, Princess Ozma.

I think back to my childhood and memories of magic club meetings, performances and dreams of illusions. I still recall a day when I was 9 or 10 and my father took me by the hand and led me into our first magic club meeting in Ypsilanti, Michigan. It was to be the beginning of a wonderful journey into legerdemain, sleight-of-hand and more friendships than I can ever keep track of.

Soon, Ring 210; the Duke Stern Ring had formed and we were magicians. It has been a life-long passion and now, in less than a day, I will find myself once more (to quote the Wizard of Oz) "consulting, conversing and otherwise hobnobbing with my brother wizards" as I attend the 80th annual Magifest.

I have attended many such Magifests and each one is as unique and fun an event as my very first one in 1971. Such is the world of the International Brotherhood of Magicians.
When I set out to write my stories of Oz, I knew that my life in magic would become a central theme and with the publication of my third book, Family of Oz., that theme has been realized and the Royal Magician of Oz Trilogy now completes my long and sometimes arduous journey. I am humbled by the support I have received from those in the International Brotherhood of Magicians, the world of Oz and from children, both young and old alike.

What will come of my journey into the world of Magifest, I cannot say. I only know that I am back among my fellow magicians and I am happy.Life is good!

Her Majesty, Princess Ozma is equally pleased and has blessed me with Her Love and support.

James C. Wallace II
Royal Liaison to Princess Ozma

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Family of Oz and the 80th Annual Magi-Fest!

The Royal Liaison to Princess Ozma; James C. Wallace II is proud to announce the upcoming world premier of Family of Oz, the third and final volume of the Royal Magician of Oz Trilogy.

Family of Oz will officially debut at the 80th Annual Magi-Fest, the yearly gathering of the International Brotherhood of Magicans in Columbus, Ohio; which takes place on Jan. 27-29, 2011.

Family of Oz
James C. Wallace II
Royal Liaison to Princess Ozma

It has been nearly 6 months since young Jamie Diggs returned from the Land of Oz with his best friend Buddy after defeating an ancient Evil while serving as Princess Ozma's new Royal Magician.
Now, he is called to return once more and take his rightful place alongside Her Majesty; Princess Ozma and Glinda; Good Witch and Ruler of the South Quadling Country, as well as Princess Dorothy.
Before the Royal Magician can return to Oz however, he finds himself on a fantastic journey down the Wabash River and a stop in Huntington, West Virginia for a taste of the legendary Stewart's Original Hot Dogs and Root Beer. Then it’s on to attend the annual gathering of their fellow magicians, known as the Magi-Fest and a tumultuous Close-Up Magic Competition.
Soon, the Family Diggs, Hank and Buddy find themselves transported back to Oz by way of The Duke's Magic Box. The only problem they find is that each one of them now find themselves somewhere in Oz... but alone!
As the Family Diggs, Hank and Buddy journey along the roadways, riverways and even above the Land of Oz alone, each one struggles to discover what Love and family means to them and each learns along the way that Love and family have been with them all along.
Aided by Her Majesty, the Queen of the Field Mice and Jamie's wayward, living decks of playing cards, as well as Buddy and the Cowardly Lion, the Royal Magician of Oz soon teaches Princess Ozma the true meaning of family and Love.
In a final and most fantastical battle alongside the Munchkin River, Jamie Diggs and his new army of friends battle Cobbler the Dog, a new and most mechanical pet of Tik-Tok, the Mechanical Army of Oz and an Unwilling Villain in an epic struggle of Good against Evil.