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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Chesterton Wizard of Oz Festival 2012: Part 1

Several weeks ago, I attended the 2012 Wizard of Oz festival in Chesterton, Indiana. This was my 4th year and I'm pleased to report that I had a wonderful time!

As always, it starts with a pre-sunrise journey north from my home in Terre Haute, Indiana.

About halfway there, I always come across the Pinwheel Fields, a lovely place that has inspired me in the past to write about them.

Before long, I'm back in Oz, as anyone with an ounce of sense can tell...

I'm fairly certain that the Good Witch in purple is Tattypoo, Good Witch of the North.
As always, I find myself in the morning parade, which always finds the most unusual citizens of Oz milling about.

As usual, the festival was packed... and this year, the weather was very cooperative!!!

The trains though, as usual, were not!!!

It was good to see Michelle Russel in attendance with her newest book, A Cat Named Toto!

As well as Rick Ewigleben and Joe Shipbaugh, both of whom I consider friends and for whom I have the utmost respect.

And best of all, I found myself next to Roger Baum, great grandson of L. Frank Baum, the original author of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (1899). He and his lovely wife Charlene have more kind to me than I could have ever hoped for. Both Roger and Charlene epitomize all that is good, kind and loving in the Land of Oz!!!

He was very busy that day, not only with his newest book, Enigma of Oz, but with the new movie, Dorothy of Oz, which comes out next year!

The rest of the day saw good sales, despite not having my newest book, The Ozian Adventure of Pickleless & Blu on hand, thanks to Createspace and the idiots that run it! They seem incapable of fulfilling a simple print request on time!!!

Nonetheless, I had a good day and was just grateful I was upwind of the facilities!!!

That evening, I found myself, once more, serving as Guest Auctioneer at the Oz Exchange and Auction.

It was good to see John Fricke in attendance...

As well as Her Majesty, Princess Ozma!

She has also been very kind to me, especially since she is also a fellow teacher. She once gave me the best article on old weather folklore and language, which I turned into one of my favorite lectures! I can't begin to thank her enough for this!!!

Next time, I'll talk about day two of the festival and a wonderful puppet show and some great people of Oz, all of whom make attending very enjoyable.

Totus vos postulo est Amor!!!

James C. Wallace II
Royal Liaison to Princess Ozma

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Ozian Adventure & the Chesterton Wizard of Oz Festival

This weekend, I'll be attending the 2012 Chesterton Wizard of Oz Festival. It's a wonderful festival and this will be my 4th year of attendance.

This year, I'll be premiering my newest book, The Ozian Adventure of Pickleless & Blu for all the wonderful Wizard of Oz fans of Chesterton.

Of particular interest to any fan of Oz and the Chesterton festival is the fact that this book contains a wonderfully funny pun all about Chesterton. The chapter title is Chester Town and if you wanna know more, well... you're just gonna have to ask me at the festival and perhaps even purchase a copy, autographed by the Royal Liaison to Princess Ozma himself!

Anyone who has been attending the Chesterton Wizard of Oz festival will immediately recognize Chester Town! I think they'll be quite pleased!!!

James C. Wallace II
Royal Liaison to Princess Ozma

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Inspiration for The Emerald Slippers of Oz

Recently, I attended the local auction house that once served as inspiration for Shadow Demon of Oz. Although it is called Shadow Auction Barn, I renamed it the Umbra Auction Barn for the story and I have been very pleased with the results.

Now, the Shadow Auction barn has provided yet another item which now serves as inspiration for our newest story, The Emerald Slippers of Oz.

The story idea came from my wife, Amanda, was is also the inspiration for Magician of Oz with her legendary Potato Soup. Now, she is the co-author and is turning out to be a fine writer.

This newest story of Oz involves a couple of witches and a couple of magicians who long to regain their magical powers.

For those of you who are not well versed in the lore of Oz, one of the witches is Blinkie, who appeared in L. Frank Baum's ninth book, The Scarecrow of Oz. The lesser known magician is Ugu the Shoemaker, who made his mark in The Lost Princess of Oz, which is Baum's eleventh book about the Land of Oz.

The other witch is the well known witch, 'Ol Mombi, who you may remember from the 1985 Walt Disney film, Return to Oz. She was actually first introduced by Baum in his second book, The Marvelous Land of Oz.

The other magician in this story is Dr. Pipt, the legendary creator of the Powder of Life, who makes his debut in Oz in Baum's seventh book, The Patchwork Girl of Oz.

Now, all four former conjurers of magic battle for possession of the Emerald Slippers, which were intended as a gift to Her Majesty, Princess Ozma.

We are about halfway through the story and it's looking to be a fine story, worthy of the world of Oz. Me thinks L. Frank Baum would be very pleased.

James C. Wallace II
Royal Liaison to Princess Ozma