The Royal Magician of Oz Trilogy is a 3 volume tale of magic and wonder that recalls the cherished values of friendship, loyalty and courage. This timeless tale of Oz reminds us of the value of overcoming our deepest fears and conquering the challenges that might otherwise defeat us.

Volume One; Magician of Oz, Volume Two; Shadow Demon of Oz and Volume Three; Family of Oz are now available for your reading enjoyment, as well as The Ozian Adventure of Pickleless & Blu.

The Emerald Slippers of Oz
, featuring an Introduction by Roger S. Baum; great grandson of L. Frank Baum, as well as Tails of Oz are also
available for your reading enjoyment.

The newest adventure in Oz, entitled: Nomes of Oz is now available and fast becoming a best-seller in the Land of Oz.

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Friday, October 28, 2011

The Writing Madness of Oz! Day 25...

So, once again, I've gone missing for a time, thought the writing never ceased. It did, however, slow down a bit as I wrapped myself around the conclusion of Whether the Sea Is Boiling Hot and Whether Pigs Have Wings. Mind you, I wasn't certain we were at the end of the story, but it turns out we are. My co-author managed to come up with a fine ending that now awaits my final edits. I've been through it once just a while ago and now my brain works towards a final product.

On another note, another discovery of glass has inspired me to think about the middle of The Ozian Adventure of Pickleless & Blu and the middle of the story. It never fails to leave me stunned as to where the muse will strike and how ordinary objects inpire extraordinary thoughts... even shards of broken glass!

I also await Nanowrimo!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Writing Madness of Oz! Day 24...

So last night, I managed to work on The Ozian Adventure of Pickleless & Blu and get a bit of progress on my big pun. I'm having to add small chapters in order to preserve continuity. It's been a bit of a struggle getting this story out of my mind, but I'm certain the results will be worth the effort.

This evening, I worked on Whether the Sea Is Boiling Hot and Whether Pigs Have Wings and managed to get about halfway through the chapter. There are so many details that I need to recall when bringing forth a co-authored vision. I'm returning to it later tonight and I expect to finally finish, which should make my co-author very happy. This is the one thing about co-writing a book, the expectations of someone else. I know he understands, but sometimes, it seems like I'm way to slow. It's just trying to get it just right, especially after our initial success with our first book, Of Cabbages, Kings and Even (Odd) Queens of Wonderland and Oz.

In other news, Nanowrimo fast approaches and my goal is to finish both of these prior to engaging in the madness of 50,000 words in 30 days!

Friday, October 14, 2011

The Writing Madness of Oz! Day 23...

So, the last thing I said 2 weeks ago was... "Time will tell."

Time, it seems, is a conundrum of epic proportions. As such, I've been away for a while. Fortunately, stuff got done, for the most part, and I return once more to the madness. A few things left undone, though not for lack of trying.

I've actually spent the last 2 nights working on The Ozian Adventure of Pickleless & Blu, trying to wrap up a pun, and not quite getting it done just yet. It's all in the wrist, they say.

I now immerse myself in Patchwork Girl of Oz (1913) by L. Frank Baum and work towards presenting my protagonist, so to speak.

Research goes on in other areas as well, owing to the absence of yours truly.