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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Justice for Heavenlee (Updated)

On Sunday night, Dec. 13, at about 9:13 p.m, our granddaughter Heavenlee Johns was critically injured in an auto crash. The following story tells it better than we can:

Young child suffers life threatening injuries in Sunday crash

Before this event, she looked like this:

Following the crash, she looked like this:

Update: She will never walk again or move anything again except her mouth and eyes. She has a 50/50 chance of breathing on her own again but most likely infection after infection will set in and eventually end her life. As of now, we await a decision by the mother regarding life support continuance.

This is direct result of negligence on the part of the driver, Cynthia Bullock and her daughter, Eugenia Bullock, mother of Heavenlee, both of whom failed to secure our granddaughter in a child safety seat, as required by law (see link below).

IC 9-19-11-2

If this enrages you anywhere near as much as it does us, please join us in demanding justice for Heavenlee by contacting Terry Modesitt, Vigo Pounty Prosecutor 812-462-3305
We desperately want both Cynthia Bullock and her daughter, Eugenia Bullock, mother of Heavenlee held accountable for their negligence and irresponsibility.

The Mayors' Office is another good place to voice your concern for justice. Mayor Duke may be contacted at:

or by email at:

You may also contact the local Child Protective Services and urge them to insure Heavenlee is given some measure of justice.

Director: Pamela M. Connelly
The DCS Office in Vigo County; Region 8
Fax: 812-234-3182

We recall with horror the debacle of Judge Barbara Brugnaux and her treatment of Courtenay Scott, who spent no time in prison for the reckless homicide death of 2-year-old Alexis Williams. Scott was sentenced to two years probation for the class-C felony she committed May 22, 2002.

We thought with her ouster by means of the public vote, that the local judicial system would return to a more balanced output in its treatment of suspected and/or convicted child abusers.
This situation now provides the citizens of Vigo County the chance to remind those within the law community that we remember well and will not forget those who have suffered at the hands of negligent caregivers.

Please join us in insuring justice is served for even the most innocent of our own.

James & Amanda Wallace


  1. If you're Heavenlee's grandparent and so involved with her life and her well-being, why are you posting a picture of her at 2 years old when this child is currently 5 years old? You would think you would have a more up-to-date photo of her. I'm not her grandparent and I have a more recent photo of her.
    It's sad and disgusting that people (ie: YOU) are using this tragedy to gain money and are using this tragic ACCIDENT for their personal gain.
    Please tell me when Heavenlee's father has ever wanted to be involved in her life and wanted custody of her? You can't. Because it's never happened. Not until now, when it would benefit him financially. That's sick. And for Heavenlee's father's wife, trying to parade around pretending that she is Heavenlee's mother. That is even more disgusting. She is not Heavenlee's mother. Eugenia is. This step-"mother" is trying to parade around and collect money, claming that SHE has been at Riley taking care of Heavenlee is absolutely disgraceful and the furthest thing from the truth. Please tell me how many time she has been up there, or how often she even allows the father to see is daughter up there. How about when the most recent event occured and Heavenlee coded, but this step-"mother" wouldn't allow her husband to go see his daughter? Yeah, that's real "motherly" isn't it?
    This is just very disturbing. I understand the grief that everyone is going through for this young child. She's a child, and no matter if she's a stranger, a family member who you are never involved with, or a neighbor, it's sad to see any child go through something like this. It is a tragic accident, and awareness does need to be raised. Just please raise awareness in a tactful, truthful way.

  2. Compassion first. Pray for Heavenlee and her mother and grandmother.

    Did everyone in this family use carseats all of the time? Including the father? Just wondering.
    It is tragic. There has been enough punishment all around. Everyone would do better to direct their love towards this child and family. Please do not display your hatred near this child. I am sure she still loves her mommy and that is how it should be. Do something constructive and out of love for the child - raise awareness about car seat use and safe driving. She could have been in a carseat and someone using a cell phone could have caused a similar accident. Anyway - Hold everyone accountable - but show some compassion. They have been punished more then anyone of us will ever know. God bless you. Please let go of your outrage - and focus on the child. Thanks.

  3. If Dane is a loving Father, then why has he told the mother about pouring hotsauce in Heavenlee's mouth and when she messed in her diaper he has let her sit in it for an hour. And the step-mother Jamie, stating that she is the real mother of heavenlee-Angel (which she is not) taking the money from Heavenlee. I cannot help but think this is disturbing and disgusting. with the pictures you have posted on the net I too find this to be Child Exploitation! Accidents happen okay!? and Dane is a Self-centered, Egotistical, Abuser who does not have a job, goes to sleep when he is watching his kids while Jamie is out on about. he had CPS come to his house so I hear? 10 days for him to clean his house up huh? wow a real good father.. NOT! He is a lame sad excuse of a father that I have ever seen. May GOD have mercy on his low-lifed pathetic SOUL. And may GOD bless Heavenlee-Angel for she is as innocent as a child should be.

  4. I will have to say that in reference to the first comment, that Jamie (who is the step mother) has done a fantastic job trying to raise Heavenlee the best way she can, since she isnt able to have full say. She works full time and over time to support the family, not romping the town as people say. I think facts need to be set straight. As for talking about the grandparents, at least they are taking a step to prevent another diaster to save a child from this circumastance. Its sad that people have to post crap about others instead of supporting this little girl. I hope people will pray for stregth for Heavenlee's sake, not for their personal agenda. Come on people, grow up. I am a family member who tries to have a relationship with her, but due to circumstances, beyond my control, i am not able. I would if I could, but I have a forgiving heart to move on. Yes, its tragic but the mother has to live with the death of killing her own child, let it be. Still something needs to be resolved in matters of a sentence, Heavenlee should have been properly fastened in an approved state regulated car seat, and was not, so a fine needs to be set. I dont know much about Dane and his daily activites, but as for Jamie, she has to support a family of 6, and works her butt off, so some slack please.