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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Scene 12; Act 30: Guest Author Jacquitta A McManus & Labyrinth's Door

With the end of 2010 in sight, I present yet another fine author who is out on her Virtual Book Tour.

Guest Author Jacquitta A McManus


Labyrinth's Door

Creating memorable characters is one of the hardest challenges when writing a story. And like a memorable character, a great adventure can make readers’ morn the end of a novel or series. But I also would argue that creating a great adventure itself could be just as hard.

But what makes a great adventure?

I personally love to write adventure stories. It’s the not knowing around the corner that makes me turn the page and stay up late to read … It’s what gets my heart pumping with each word. The wonder and the enchantment is what I seek when I sit down to read but as a storyteller making a great adventure isn’t just creating a memorable character and picking the theme and plot. It takes much more than that.

In my search for what makes a great adventure, I found that it takes memorable characters, an exciting adventure in a believable world, with twists and turns. It takes scenes that fit together in such a way that weaves you in and out of obstacles and through the emotions of the characters, while still revealing a world that your reader’s have never seen.

Reader’s sit down with adventure stories knowing that they are about to go on an adventure, so it’s not the adventure that captivates them … it’s the journey of the adventure. It’s the preparation, the friendships and the obstacles. It’s the wins and the losses. It’s the sum of the adventure they are seeking. They want someone to care about and something to fear as they journey through the adventure.

And it’s that balance I strive for as I create my stories.

To find out more about Jacquitta A McManus’s adventure in storytelling and her answers to the third of the three questions she asked herself as she started down her road of storytelling, follow her as she continues on her virtual book tour.

You can find her on Facebook, Twitter, GoodReads, and her blog: Journey of a Storyteller.

She would love to hear from you. If you would like to order any of her books visit or find it on

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