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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Win a set of new Oz books when Magician of Oz meets the Pagan Culture!

The other day, I was contacted by Magaly Guerrero, who manages a very unique blog entitled: Pagan Culture. She had expressed her great love for Oz and that she was working with a very good friend (who also loves Oz) on a blog party entitled Celebrate Oz.

Naturally, I was pleased to make her acquaintance and make a new friend in Oz. She had requested that I consider doing a book giveaway of my Royal Magician of Oz Trilogy, which includes Magician of Oz, Shadow Demon of Oz and the newly released Family of Oz.

Since Princess Ozma Herself had commanded me to spread the word and tell Her story of Her newest Royal Magician, Jamie Diggs (the great grandson of O.Z. Diggs, the original Wizard of Oz), I was quite gratified to participate in a celebration of Oz.

So, without further ado, (and who needs any more ados?), I am proud to announce that an autographed and personalized set of The Royal Magician of Oz Trilogy will be given away to one lucky winner of the Celebrate Oz blog party.

In order to win this critically-acclaimed 3-volume story of Oz, you will need to visit the blog site: Pagan Culture. Follow the instructions, which are fairly straightforward, then spread the word to everyone else and await the blessing of Her Majesty, Princess Ozma, Royal Sovereign and Ruler of Oz.

Per Ardua Ad Alta!!!

James C. Wallace II
Royal Liaison to Princess Ozma


  1. Oh, you're welcome and that is very interesting to learn! I'm sorry if I wrote it wrong, I copied it from Magaly's blog that way, will be sure to edit that!

  2. I finished MAGICIAN OF OZ last night and started SHADOW DEMON OF OZ this afternoon! I am psyched. I love what you've done with the world (Toto talks! Brilliant!) And, oh my the trees...

    P.S. Lilac SilverFox is right, it was my fault. My deepest apologies. Now I'm going to make potato soup. No joke, I have been craving it since yesterday.

  3. I am blown away by your participation in this humble tribute to the love I have for OZ and for the others in bloggyland who have come to join with me in this funfest.

    Thank you so much for coming to leave a comment and for making my day. It's not everyday that a commoner such as myself meets and gets to hob nob with The Magician of OZ. I think I may get the vapors, as my Mother used to say.

    I am stoked. Muchas gracias mis amigo, The Olde Bagg herself, Linda

  4. Whoa...did you say TOTO talks?!!!! Please count me in for this giveaway....I am going to become a follower so I can visit you again!

  5. Fantastic response, talented AND generous!!! Toto talks, don't tell me he answers that what's on the outside of a tree question? ;)
    mmmm need to read to find out me thinks ;)

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Congratulations Lilac SilverFox!!!

    You are the big wiener... er, I mean winner!!! Hee hee. Sorry about that. I'm in a silly mood!

    You have won a brand-new set of The Royal Magician of Oz Trilogy, which includes Magician of Oz, Shadow Demon of Oz and Family of Oz. Check your mail in about a week or so.

    Princess Ozma has blessed you and all who Love Oz.

    Illegitimi non Carborundum!