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Sunday, June 26, 2011

A Possible Allegation of Fraud!

UPDATE: Looks like I may be wrong about Kroger. Maybe they do care about their customers! Just got off the phone with them after only a few minutes of posting my concerns about a possible scam. I'll know tomorrow if they're good on their word. I think they just might be! 

Yesterday, I fell victim to what I can only consider to be an act of consumer fraud perpetrated  by Kroger and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Kroger is running a promotion where if you buy $150.00 worth of groceries, including some specific items, then you receive a voucher for 2 free tickets to the Brickyard 400. Needless to say, we went there, satisfied the requirements and received the voucher. Today, less than 24 hours later, I go to the website, enter the code and am told that no seats are available. I find that highly unlikely and consider this to be an act of consumer fraud.

The letter below is what I have sent to as many folks involved as I can find. I will keep you folks updated on Facebook and Twitter regarding the final results. I hope they come through as I bear no malice towards Kroger or IMS, I just don't like being scammed.


To whom it may concern:

Yesterday June 25, I went to the Terre Haute Kroger store at 25th and Wabash and spent the required $170.83 in order to qualify for the Brickyard 400 ticket promotion sponsored by both IMS and Krogers. Today, within 24 hours, I redeemed the code from the receipt at and got the message that no seats were available. I consider this highly unlikely and I am considering legal actions to rectify this possible act of fraud. Please respond with an explanation and/or a set of tickets in order to satisfy your advertisement/promotion.
Be advised that I have lodged a complaint with the Ohio State Attorney General Mike DeWine's Office, as well as the Indiana Sate Attorney General Greg Zoeller's Office.
If I receive no contact from your office, I may find it necessary to contact the fine reporters and news investigators at WLWT, WKRC, WCPO, FOX19 News as well as the Cincinnati Business Courier, Cincinnati Call and Post, Cincinnati City Beat, Cincinnati Enquirer and the Cincinnati Herald. I'll be sure to include the Indianapolis news organizations as well, including WISH-TV, WTHR, FOX59 and WIBC, as well as Indianapolis Star and Nuvo News Weekly. I'm sure all these organizations would find allegations of fraud very interesting and well worth looking into.
Be sure to look on FaceBook and Twitter as well, since I'll be speaking/tweeting of this consumer fraud issue there as well, unless this issue is resolved to my satisfaction.

James C. Wallace II


  1. Kroeger better make good on those tickets...they are going to loose alot of loyalty otherwise. Good going James.
    The Olde Bagg

  2. have they made good on the tickets yet?

  3. not sure wtf your doing wrong but they made good on my 2 brickyard tickets.about 10mins ago.i only spent 151.64 tyvm krogers!!!!!!!!!!!!!