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Monday, May 27, 2013

The Indy 500 !!! What A Race~ Part I

So yesterday was my annual trek to the Indianapolis 500 and has been since 1988. It used to be my father that I would go with, but alas, he joined Houdini across The Shifting Sands in 1992. Greg Putman took over that role for a few years, then Brion came along. For us now, it's a 13-year tradition that ranks pretty darn high on our list of best 500's. Year 1 really set the bar high as our best ever, but this year's was nearly as good.

As always, we meet at Steak-and-Shake in Plainsfield and head to the track. This year, we met at 7:30am (uugghh!! I am not a morning person) and through our usual good planning and luck, we were parked and walking to the track by 8:05am.

After the usual routine of entry, which was thorough and speedy, we made it back to the Back Nine; part of the Brickyard Crossing Golf Course; where we caught up on the previous year's madness.

You wouldn't think just a 5 minute casual walk from here, cars will be zipping by at over 230 miles-per-hour. I found a golf ball here this year and brought it home. I'll try it out next time I play.

Getting there early was crucial, as we saw long lines once we made it to the outside of Turn Two. There were greater police presence this year than we could ever recall. As you can see, the Stye was full. Last year, we remembered only 1 car present.

Cops notwithstanding, we soon discovered easy access to the track,

but I behaved myself. Besides, this was pre-race and it was closed and locked when we returned after the 2nd yellow.

The scene of our madness from last year was also exposed,

just like last year when we had some fun. You can just make out my American Flag outfit to Brion's left.

This was a restart and below is the result. Amazing video!!!

Never been closer! The concusion wave from those cars is impossible to simulate. This year, the spot was manned by a yellow-shirt, which we appreciated.

We spent some time in the Fan-Zone, where I ran into some snail from a new movie called "Turbo." Little bastard wouldn't let me ride him!

When next I blog, perhaps tomorrow, I'll take you into the Indy 500 museum inside the Indianapolis Raceway in Part II. A fun place for all lovers of cars and things that go Vroom!

James C. Wallace II
Royal Liaison of Oz

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