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Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Mad Hatter's Christmas in July!

Teatime was always a favorite time of day for the Mad Hatter of Wonderland as he celebrated the 7th Annual Mad Tea Party.

 Just then, the Mad Hatter looked at the pocket watch that had magically appeared within his sphere of reference and noticed something only he could have seen.

"I see by the clock that it mid-July, so it must surely be time to celebrate my favorite time of year!"

The March Hare reached down and plucked the Dormouse from his usual sleeping spot within the teapot.

"Do do, do tell!" the March Hare requested... and the Mad Hatter politely obliged.

“Twas noel, and the santaclaus did crèche and tinsel in the snow;
All wreathy were the aunts-in-laws, and the merry mistletoe.

’I wanta lectrictrain, my dad! With car that slides, with track that rocks!
Beware the bricabrac, and shun the magi jackinbox!’

He took his blitzen sword in hand; Long time the festive foe he sought,
So rested he by the reindeer tree, and stood awhile in thought.

And as in holly thought he stopped, the lectrictrain, with eyes of flame,
Came yuling through the fruitcaked shop, and eggnogged as it came.

One, two! One, two! And through and through the blitzen blade went snicker-snack!
He grabbed it, and, with it in hand, He went decembring back.

’And hast though come with lectrictrain? Come to my arms, my gifty dad!
O Christmas day! Yip yip! Hey hey!’ He caroled in his glad.

Twas noel, and the santaclaus did crèche and tinsel in the snow;
All wreathy were the aunts-in-laws, and the merry mistletoe.”

 Just then, very merry fireworks exploded high above as the Dormouse came floating gently down.

As he landed among the cups and platters and teapots of the Mad Hatter's gathering, he noticed that something very odd had happened. It was as though time had slipped by... or backwards, as the case may be. I'm not quite sure~

Why Alice, where did you come from?

James C. Wallace II
Royal Liaison of Oz


  1. I had a lovely time at your party. It brought back many memories from when I was a child. Thank you. Please visit me:

  2. LOVED that bit of nonsense!!! :D XXX

  3. Nice Partytime....happy unbirthday to you...
    Kerstin from germany
    Cobblestone Prims

  4. James, thank you for joining in the magic and wonderland muchnessss!!!

    A very merry unbirthday to you!

    <3 Vanessa {A Fanciful Twist}

  5. Simply brillig!
    Enjoyed gamboling along with you.
    And of course you noticed the watch was but a few days off!

  6. Christmas and Alice, what wonderful nonsense and such a delight to visit and share in such muchness.

  7. that was an interesting tale.
    thank you.

  8. Oh how I love a good Christmas in July! What a lovely and magical time I have had here on your blog!

  9. A lovely party, yes it was! So much to see and do. A fine table you set for the Mad Tea Party. Thank you for having us all around!

  10. What a great twist to the story! I loved how it was all mad hattered around! Thanks for sharing tea with us.

    Moments Divine

  11. Fabulous!! Your celebration is delightful, my Dear...I'm so glad I stopped by!

  12. I enjoyed your rendition of 'Twas Brillig'. One of my favorite poems in 'Alice in Wonderland'...and yours is quite the 'ticket' too! I do have a giveaway, which I will be drawing names Monday night, so please do hurry by my party, It's late! It's late! But not too late to get in for the drawing and do please leave your email in may comment section as that is the way to win!
    Ta! Ta!
    Teresa in California

  13. 'The Blitzen Blade'! I giggled! This was a very snappy and keen re-wording of T'was 'Brillig', bringing with it the true terrors of the festive season. It will be on us soon enough!

  14. A story teller you must be.
    Thanks for the tea party tale.