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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

The 100th Indy 500 ; What a Race!!!

Just over a few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of attending the 100th Indy 500, a classic American race that I have been attending since 1988.

This year, as usual, I was joined by my friend Brion, and this year, he brought his fiance, Shannon Feinstein.

This year, we met up as usual at the Plainsfield Steak&Shake, though a bit earlier than usual due to the fact that this year's race was sold out. Despite the warnings of massive crowds early on, our usual, very secret, back door way into the north end of the complex worked like a charm. Even once we made our way to the north gates, the crowds weren't that bad, though we would discover later that they got worse fairly soon after we got in.

Once we got in, we made our way to the back nine for some quiet time before the madness began.

We then did some walking and got a fine look at the Pagoda across the infield.

We then made our way to the Fan Zone for some pre-race fun.

As usual, there are photo ops around various autos from the past and present.

 We also ran into a rather large bear and I felt compelled to perform a prostate exam, for his health of course.

Soon, we made our way to our seats, which were about halfway up on the outside of Turn 2. Best seats ever!!!

There were the usual pre-race rituals, including the Balloon Launch and the biggest flag I've seen in some time.

 And then it was Racetime!

As usual, the start was amazing and after about 50 laps or so, we did our usual ritual of walking about to see the cars up close.
Fortunately for us, we watched Juan-Pablo Montoya crash out on the backstretch, which seemed to amaze Shannon.

And of course, we love to stand beneath the track for a restart.

Finally, we made our way back to our seats for the last 75 laps or so and were not disappointed as the racing was awesome!

Overall, it was an awesome day and one for the records. I have never seen so many people in one place... ever.

Looks like I had a great time. Thanks Brion for 16 years of the Indy 500, and for bring your fine lady to enjoy what we have enjoyed for so long.

God bless America!!!

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