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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Twizard of OZ!

In the last 3 years, Twitter has grown exponentially and developed into an engrained component of the human Net culture. It has, as such evolved and adjusted as it has grown. It now represents a totally new phenomenom in social networking, especially given its immediacy and real-time aspect.

It can be argued that The Wizard of Oz is an American cultural icon known by nearly anyone alive today. Ask 10,000 people across the country and a handful (literally) will have never heard of Dorothy, Toto, and the Wizard of Oz. As a result, this iconic film was chosen as a commonality among Twitter users in order to test a hypothesis regarding Twitters influence on culture.

On Wednesday, March 25, 2009; on or about 3pm (EDT), MAGICIANOFOZ will present The Twizard of Oz live on In short, the plan is to tweet the movie, line by line, in real time.

The goal of this study is to observe and correlate the experience against participation, word-of-mouth advertising by users, the Serendipity Factor, time-of-observation, the viseral experience itself (how people translate the written word into mental images) and other aspects yet to be determined.

To date, nothing of this nature or this broad a scope has ever been attempted before, so the outcome is yet to be observed. It should prove to be a valuable experience both for researchers such as MAGICIANOFOZ and the viewing Twitterers. Afterall, have you ever tried to visualize the movie while reading the script? What images do you conjur up and how do you translate them into your own personal experience? This research project seeks to answer some of those very questions.

MAGICIANOFOZ invites all interested parties to participate by logging into and following MAGICIANOFOZ (twitter id) for the duration of this research project. In addition, MAGICIANOFOZ requests all watching this presentation to spread the word via Twitter, Facebook, Myspace and any other social-networking sites currently in use.

You may also follow me using the Twitter link on the left side of the page. Click on that and you'll be redirected to the homepage where you'll be prompted to either enter your twitter id (if you have one) or you can sign up for an account as well. Afterwards, do a search in the find people section on the top of the twitter page and search for me, magicianofoz and click on the follow button. You must follow me to recieve the messages I'll be sending out during the experiment.

A reminder that the experiment will commence today, Wednesday; March 25, 2009 at 3pm EDT.

James C. Wallace II
Royal Liaison to Princess Ozma
magicianofoz (Twitter id)


  1. This is just an obnoxious use of Twitter. Why would anyone want to have chunks of dialogue from a movie delivered to their Twitter Feed? Me thinks this ploy to garner followers wasn't well thought out. Perhaps if you engaged fans of the movie by searching for them and then, instead of spamming other users with your announcement (and clogging the feed of those that follow you with said spam), you would have organic followers who would actually be interested in your experiment, not to mention, possibly engaged in it.

    "To date, nothing of this nature or this broad a scope has ever been attempted before, so the outcome is yet to be observed."

    Actually, it has. A few people have written their entire fictional book on Twitter and for the most part people ignored it, because Twitter is a two way street. If you're not engaging your followers, then you won't have any that are worth following back. You'll be Tweeting to the cosmos (and the handful of spambots that are following you).

  2. Oh my!! Such a harsh response. I do respect your opinion though. Not everyone sees OZ as we do.
    Given that OZ is, by aclaim, an American icon, I felt this was an ideal opportunity to present OZ in a way never before done. Despite your suggestion that other fiction has been put on Twitter, OZ has not. Hence my statement remains true. No one has ever done this (OZ on Twitter) before.
    I'm listed on various OZ websites and forums and seek out OZ folks all the time. Those who followed me were organic followers and very interested in my experiment.
    This experiment was designed to explore social-networking and American culture. The results will be presented at an educational conference and published as well. Spammers don't do that.
    In addition, if I was only about spam, I would have promoted my new book, MAGICIAN OF OZ. Notice that I did not. Hmmm...
    Still though, your opinion has value and merit. I will bear your thoughts in mind for the future.

    Remember, Science is not always easy, but it is always fun!

    One other thought. In book two of my series, SHADOW DEMON OF OZ, Bungle the Glass Cat plays a MAJOR role in the story.


    James C. Wallace II
    Royal Liaison to Princess Ozma