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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Another Wizard of Oz find at the Auction!

As usual, I find myself at the Shadow Auction Barn here in Terre Haute, looking about and wondering what will catch my eye.

Of course, I am never disappointed and today is no exception.

As you can see, the Wizard of Oz is everywhere! And what a world it would be if it wasn't!
I believe we have before us is a set of nutcrackers.

Let's take a closer look and see what we have here...

Why, lo and behold! It's Dorothy! She seems to be sporting a lovely checkered handbag. Of course, she is wearing ruby slippers, so we know right off the bat that this is meant to be a tribute piece to the 1939 MGM movie, The Wizard of Oz and not the original book by L. Frank Baum; The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (1899).

Next on the agenda is... The Scarecrow!

He's looking rather dapper in his Munchkin blue outfit. I hope that's not a poppy in his hand!

Moving on, we find our next Ozian companion, The Tin Man!

He's also looking rather dapper with his pinned-on heart and oil can in hand.

Finally, we end our journey into the Land of Oz Nutcrackers with our final Ozian friend and travelling companion, the Cowardly Lion!

Of course, he's carrying his obligatory handkerchief for those occasional crying jags of his. What's on his right paw, I'm not too sure.

Overall, it was very pleasant to see these artifacts of Oz out and about.

As I recall, they sold for $15.00 apiece and the bidder took all 4 pieces. As I don't really collect Oz stuff, with the exception of Oz books, I didn't bid on them.

For those of you who may be interested, in my second book, Shadow Demon of Oz, several chapters in the early part of the book take place in the Umbra Auction Barn. If you happen to speak a little Latin, you'll know that Umbra is the Latin word for Shadow. Hence, the Shadow Auction Barn becomes the Umbra Auction Barn. Ta da!!! ... and the crowd goes wild!

A little later on this week, I'll talk more about another odd Ozian find that I found at Goodwill.

'Till then, "We're off to see the Wizard!"

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