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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Indiana University Pathfinders Program Failure‏

It had been my intention to post part 2 of my report on Oz-Stravaganza 2012, but once more, something has come up that requires my attention. Rather than go into details, I'll let my letter to Indiana University speak for itself.

To whom it may concern:
I am writing to you to express my extreme concern and disgust regarding the Pathfinders program and my granddaughter's involvement, or lack thereof, in said program.
My daughter, Melody Pargin, had enrolled her daughter, Gennifer Pargin in this summer's Pathfinder Camp Program as a 8th grader. She was really looking forward to this and I know her mother was very proud of her, as are her grandparents. As an alumni of ISU with a B.S. in Physics, I was thrilled to l;earn that Gennifer was interested in going to college. She is our oldest granddaughter and we had hoped she would be the first of our 13 grandchildren to enter higher education, paving the way for the rest to follow. Unfortunately, I don't think IU will play any role in that education if her recent experience is any indicator.
In the week prior to the June 10th starting date, Gennifer broke her ankle and was confined to crutches for the duration. Being a pre-existing condition, we assumed that IU would adhere to the regulations of the Americans With Disabilities Act and provide accomadations for her condition. Of course, assuming IU would do the proper thing was an error in judgement and one we won't make again.
Due to her injury, my daughter was compelled to transport Gennifer from Sullivan, Indiana to IU in order to insure that her daughter made it to the campus with as little impact as possible. She is, after all, a fine mother and cares deeply for her children. Unfortunately, we have discovered that IU does not share that same concern. When the officials at IU were made aware of the need for a wheelchair in order that Ginnifer might fully participate in the program, IU was unable to comply for over 24 hours., a fact that I find both insulting and quite ignorant on the part of those folks in charge of the Pathfinders Camp Program. Then, to add insult to injury (so to speak), my daughter was charged $30.00 for the use of said wheelchair depsite the fact that this was not due to an injury incurred while on campus (as outlined in the Medical Consent form) but was, in fact, a pre-exisitng conditon and falls within the guidelines of the AWD Act.
Now, Gennifer has withdrawn from the program and has learned a very hard lesson in the ways of the real wolrd and how money is the only driving factor in IU's educational vision. I'm just grateful that I'm not an alumni of IU or I would hang my head in shame at the deplorable behavior of IU.

Please be advised that I have included not only both local and regional news organizations in this communication, but I have also included the Office of Greg Zoeller, Indiana State Attorney General. I consider the actions of IU to be in direct violation of the AWD Act, as well as reflecting very poorly on IU in general. I can't imagine that IU condones violating my granddaughter's rights, but the evidence would indicate otherwise.

I will be posting this letter on my personal blog and posting that blog on Twitter (with over 2000 followers) as a means of informing the general public of how IU treats potential students, as well as their overall lack of commitment to furthering education and instead, placing their emphasis on the almighty dollar. I hope you enjoy my postings.

Should you wish to discuss this issue, I will remain available to discuss my concerns. I'll be curious to see if anyone responds, though I highly doubt it.


James C. Wallace II

Further reports to follow as we see what happens...

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