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Friday, March 15, 2013

Altered Oz: The Mad Hatter's Visit!

The Mad Hatter stood before the immense gates that led into the Emerald City. Beneath his feet were a multitude of yellow bricks, all of whom were well-worn and well-used.

Standing there at attention, fiecely guarding his post, was the Guardian of the Gates.

He is short and round, with a fat face that seems remarkably good-natured. He wears green clothes, a high peaked green hat, and green spectacles. Even his skin is tinted green. Around his neck he wears a heavy gold chain with a number of great golden keys.

For many years while the Wizard of Oz ruled in Emerald City, his duty was to duty to ensure that everyone (including animals and creatures) who entered the city were fitted with green spectacles, ostensibly to protect their eyes from the brightness and glory of the city. The green glasses were locked in place with a key on a chain worn around the Guardian's neck.

Now, with the city having been conquered by General Jinjur and her Army of Revolt, the use the green spectacles was forgotten, but the Guardian continued to keep watch at the gates.

Now, he found himself face-to-face with a most odd and unusual character and certainly one he had never met before.

"Care for some Magic Mushroom cake?" asked the Mad Hatter. In his hand was a piece of multi-colored cake. It appeared that a bite was already missing from the baked goods.

The Guardian of the Gates was quite hungry and saw no reason not to enjoy a small snack after a long day of guarding the gates of Emerald City.

A few minutes later, everything went askew and Oz melted away into a melange of color, sound and madness.

The Guardian was now certain things were not quite right, but at the moment, all of Oz was not as it should be and the Yellow Brick Road was now more like a river of yellow stone. He looked about and saw no sign of the strange man who was there only a moment before.

Several days later, the Guardian of the Gates was found, clinging to his beloved green glasses, fast asleep among the bright red flowers of the Poppy Fields.

Once removed from the deadly fumes, the short, round man with the fat face eventually awoke and soon returned to his duties at the immense gates leading into Emerald City.

He was never quite the same again....

This is my contribution to a most unusal celebration of Oz entitled; Celebrate Oz: Altered Oz and is hosted by a blogsite named: Olde Baggs 'n Stuft Shirts.

The blogger, Oma Linda, has proven to be a most devoted fan of all things Oz. This year, she is taking a skewed perspective on all things Oz and has decided to celbrate her love of Oz in a most altered way.

This is my own altered view of Oz.

As you can see, I ain't quite right either! Such is the life of the Royal Liaison of Oz.

Per Ardua Ad Alta!

James C. Wallace II
Royal Liaison of Oz


  1. Oh My!!! Don't you look dapper :D....fabulous story and gorgeous painting...:D XXX

  2. Fab story. I concur with Gina, you are rather dapper and I like your hat very much.

  3. I always KNEW The Mad Hatter would LOVE Oz, especially if a little aLtEReD ;-)

  4. The Mad Hatter and Oz? Oh yes, I can see it! Are any of us really quite right?

  5. Well my oh my. What a fun jaunt the gatekeeper took. Musta had a bit of a headache after as well. This close to St. Paddy's day the cake might have been of the Irish Whisky variety. The skewed story was delightful.
    And now as to your attire....fabulous even if it ain't quite right.
    Thank you so much for your wonderful contribution to Celebrate Oz - aLterED oZ.
    Smooches and Squoozes, Oma Linda

  6. What a fun encounter! I'd like to think Hater took a few poppies back with him to Wonderland as well.

  7. Oh, this was great. Made my day.

  8. Very fun story! Great Outfit!Happy Celebrate Oz!

  9. Great image of you!

    Visiting from Altered Oz ~

  10. What a fun story, two of my favorite stories put together with some wonderful pictures! and I love the Hatter!

  11. And what a terrific Liason of Oz you are!

  12. Fun post and story to read! Nice meeting you via Celebrate Oz today! ~tina

  13. Love the story and love the painting! In my eyes, if you're not quite right, you're perfect! ;o) Great post! Happy Altered Oz ;o)

  14. It's altered in the most deliciously MAD way, I love the twisted tale and that mushroom cake recipe sounds a doozy,

  15. I feel a little sad for the Gatekeeper, he has a job, but he's not really necessary? Did I get that correct? I like the story and your painting, it really ties the two together.

  16. Love how you mixed Alice in Wonderland and Oz, it is just so much fun to see creativity like this!


  17. What a great idea having The Mad Hatter in Oz! He certainly fits right in..and aren't you the handsome fellow!!!

  18. Thanks for stopping by my blog! What a fun aLtEReD version! The Mad Hatter is the perfect twist on the mayor!