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Monday, March 4, 2013

Oz the Great and Powerful and The Wiz

Now, no lead up to the upcoming premier of Oz the Great and Powerful is possible without mention of The Wiz. Being what it is, it deserves seperate attention and thus a day in the life of Oz.
Made in 1978, it made quite an impression on me. I had spent my earlier years immeresed in Motown music and this film holds a happy memory for me.

1978 was a pivital year in my life, but that's another book. For now, I loved the musical numbers, especially Michael Jackson as the Scarecrow; singing You Can't Win, and doing it well by my account. Kinda prophetic, ain't it?

Another number that always got my attention was near the end with Mabel King as Evillene singing "Don't Nobody Bring Me No Bad News." Excellent in many ways.

Last year, while attending Oz-Stravaganza! 2012 in Chittenango, New York as Invited Author to Author's Alley (I'm a charter member), I also had the honor of meeting and speaking with Andre DeShields, who played The Wiz in the 1975 Broadway musical; The Wiz.

He could best be described as a Force of Nature. A most pleasant man to be around was he. I found his philosophy very agreeable and similar to my own, though his was on a much more grand scale!

And here we have a gathering of Oz emmisaries unlikely to ever be seen together again. From left to right, front to back, we have: Myrna Swensen; Munchkin-by-Marriage (to Clarence Swensen, Soldier in Munchkin Army), Margaret Pellegrini; Original (Flowerpot) Munchkin from 1939 MGM Wizard of Oz film, Robert Baum (the tall one); Great Grandson of L. Frank Baum (author of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz 1900), Caren Marsh-Doll (the one in the middle); Stand-In for Dorothy (Judy Garland) in the 1939 MGM Wizard of Oz film, Andre DeShields; The Wiz in the 1975 The Wiz Broadway musical.

Oz is a glorious place indeed!!!

James C. Wallace II
Royal Liaison of Oz

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