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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

#AtoZChallenge : Books 'Bout Oz But Not By Baum!

Because I have a rather heavy course load this semester and owing to the fact that I stayed very late at another auction just down the road from the college where I teach, I didn't get home until after midnight. Still though, I consider this to still be the second day of the April A to Z Blogging Challenge and so I blunder forth.

As such, today's blog post is brought to you by the letter B, hence the subject matter, Books 'Bout Oz But Not By Baum.

Now, as I mentioned yesterday in my letter A blog posting, auctions are my passion and I was very lucky in finding not only an Oz album, but 3 books about the Land of Oz which were not written by L. Frank Baum.

The first is The Cowardly Lion of Oz; written by Ruth Plumly Thompson in 1923, who took over as the second Royal Historian of Oz following Baum's death in 1919.

Fortunately for Ruth Plumly Thompson, who I'll refer to as RPT, John R. Neill, who served as illustrator for all but Baum's 1st book, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (1899).

The second book is Jack Pumpkinhead of Oz, also written by RPT in 1929 and illustrated by John R. Neill.

The third book I acquired last night was The Gnome King of Oz; written by RPT in 1927 and illustrated by John R. Neill.

The only issue with any of these books is the cover on The Gnome King of Oz, which is a bit scuffed, but not too bad. Otherwise, the other two books are in pristine condition and are, I believe, 1st editions. Since I only paid $20.00 a piece for them, I feel really good about my newest Oz books not by Baum.

Later this month, I'll blog about some of the interior illustrations by John R. Neill in both Baum's books, as well as Ruth Plumly Thompson.

For now, I'll just enjoy the lovely craftsmanship and artistry of these nearly 100 year old books. They just don't make'em like this anymore!!!

James C. Wallace II
Royal Liaison of Oz


  1. Congratulations on your find. The books are lovely. and of course, as a librarian and a book lover, I'm totally jealous.

    Carolyn, also struggling through A-Z

    1. Thank you for your kind remarks. Be sure to return from time to time as I will focus a lot of my blog postings about Oz books, especially the illustrations, many of which are amazing!

      Carpe Noctum!!!