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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Facebook and Their Repression of Free Speech!

The most interesting thing just happened. I tried to post the following on the CNN Facebook page where they are promoting a Ted Turner documentary about all his great achievements.

"Don't forget Ted Turner's greatest achievement. He married Hanoi Jane, a.k.a: Jane Fonda, a traitor to this great nation. If you think I'm kidding, just Google Hanoi Jane or ask a Vietnam Vet."

I'm curious why CNN refuses to allow free speech on the FB page? Especially when it's only the truth? Perhaps CNN prefers the company of traitors than that of honest, decent Americans?

After several attempts to post this, I tried from my own FB page and now I can't post this information. It would seem that Facebook supports repression of free speech as well.  Go figure?

Here's a link to what I assume is a US Marine Corps website that gives some accurate information.

 Take it or leave it, we must never forget who supports this country and who does not.

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