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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Fulfilling Princess Ozma's Command

Nearly a year ago, I was charged by Princess Ozma to tell the children of the world and all fans of Oz everywhere of her new Royal Magician and his struggles against Evil and tyranny in the Land of Oz.

Now, the time is near when that command will find itself fulfilled (at least part one) and everyone everywhere will soon know of the young magician, Jamie Diggs, the great grandson of O.Z. Diggs (the original Wizard of Oz) and his battle against the Marauding Morels and the Army of Trees in my newest tale: MAGICIAN OF OZ.

The process had been one of difficulty, brick (not yellow) walls of frustration and an economy that has curtailed the courage of agents and publishers alike. As such, I have had to forego the traditional publishing route and adopt a more radical approach. Oddly enough however, that more radical approach is fast becoming the more traditional approach as traditional publishers fall by the wayside. Maybe they should have been more receptive to new authors?

The one thing I have been able to take away from this entire process has been patience. It would seem that no one works at the same fast pace I do. It's been alot of "hurry up and wait." Reminds me of the Navy. Another is perseverance. Without that quality, I would never have had the wherewithall (now there's a word) to endure rejections, revisions and revulsion as I work my way through the process.

I have been blessed with the support of my family and friends, as well as complete, total strangers on Twitter, the International Wizard of Oz club and others I've never even heard of. I'm inclined to think that the new administration in the White House has given back a sense of hope to a troubled nation and inspired people to reach out and help those in need, such as myself.

Now, I await my time at Book Expo 2009 and the hope that I can bring about more awareness of MAGICIAN OF OZ and generate interest in Princess Ozma's new Royal Magician. In fact, it was a total stranger, John Kremer, who invited me to Book Expo 2009 and has provided some excellent advice in regards to my attendance and book marketing in general.

Before that, it was Marcus Mebes, one of the elders at the International Wizard of Oz Club and his invaluable assistance which even allowed me to get anywhere near this far in the process. I shudder to think where I would be and what my book would look like were it not for his assistance. As a book editor, he has few equals and knows his Oz better than just about anyone on the Outside.

Another one of invaluable service was Doug Cone, otherwise known as NULLVARIABLE on Twitter. When I had begun the marketing process for MAGICIAN OF OZ, he called me a Spammer. After several exchanged messages, he began to school me in Internet marketing and, as a result, I have learned what not to do and more importantly, what to do to be successful as an author promoting my work on the Internet machine.

Overall, it has been both a struggle and a joy trying to achieve Princess Ozma's royal command. I hope I do her justice and make her proud of me.

James C. Wallace II
Royal Liaison to Princess Ozma

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