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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Scene 2; Act 2: Guest Author Tasha Nicole Wright & When a Tattered Past Catches You

As our Virtual Book Tour continues on, my next guest is Tasha Nicole Wright, author of When a Tattered Past Catches You.

Take it away... Tasha!

How you came up with your books/characters?

When I write, it's as if my characters speak out to me. They have their own personalities and they
say what they want.
I develop each character as they speak with one another and maintain their
personalities throughout the book.
I don't have a particular method in determining what I will write about. I will pretty much sit down and begin writing something and after the first two paragraphs I will see what direction I will take the story.
Many times I will have a block with naming a character so I tell my boyfriend, Kendrick Choice, about the character. The character's age, sex and so on and he will give me a name.
I try to stay away from using the fir
st name, middle name or last name of people I know so there will not be any situations where they feel as though I am using their life or their experiences in my work.


Tough willed, strong as nails Willa will do whatever it takes to provide for her family even if that meant putting her life in danger or on hold. Living the street life meant not allowing anything or anyone to get close enough to hurt or destroy her. But, after the death of her mother she is forced to return home and confront a past she tried to erase from her memory.As Willa confronts a tragic past she also has to confront something else, her long lost love, Damon. Living the street life and becoming the head woman in charge was something Willa did with ease but there was always something or someone missing in her life. Will Willa let down her guard and allow Damon back into her life again or will she continue to live the street life?

When a Tattered Past Catches You is available through the following websites just by clicking on them and making a wish... (pending)

Her website is


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