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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Scene 2; Act 4: Guest Author B. Swangin Webster & Let Me Just Say This

As the Virtual Book Tour continues on, I am very pleased to present the next author on the chopping block, so to speak.

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present for your kind consideration, B.Swangin Webster,

author of Let Me Just Say This and the companion novel, And Again... Let Me Say This.

Ms. Webster, the stage is yours...

First, Let me just say this; thank you for hosting me on one of my stop’s of my Virtual Book Tour, I’m so excited and I hope I don’t ramble to much. A little background about myself: I am a 44 year old woman, Living In Color. Yes, I put my age out there, because I want other over 40 women, to know that you can still live out your dream, no matter what age you are. My name is as unique as I am, and I like to hear people try and come up with what they think it means.

The process I use while writing is nothing spectacular. I normally don’t have a set time to write, it just happens. Sometimes I can be washing dishes or doing laundry, and “Cheryl, Kevin, Rebecca, Dee or Corey” will come up and start talking to me, like they don’t see me doing something!

At first, I thought I was schizophrenic but then I realized; it was my characters telling me that I needed to stop and starting writing. When this happens, I can sit for hours on my laptop and only come up when “they” stop talking.

Currently I am working on my third novel, tentatively entitled, Once and For All. This would be the “series finale” of Let Me Just Say This. However, just like a spin off, there will be a fifth book, involving the characters that you all have grown to hate or love in the first three books as well as some really surprising twists and turns.

My characters weren’t even named until I had to submit it for publishing. They were just Man #1 and Woman #1 and so on. Not until PA (PublishAmerica) decided to publish it, did they actually have a name. After reading through it, I came up with the names. I wanted something universal, so that everyone could relate to it. As far as the title, I always used the phrase, let me just say this, when I get upset and when I was at work one day, I used it and the secretary told me that if I ever wrote a book, I should title it, Let Me Just Say This, and thanks to Crystal, I did.

You can purchase my books at


or go into your local BORDERS store and order it.

Yes I am in BORDERS!

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