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Friday, July 9, 2010

Scene 2; Act 1: Guest Author Susan Hanniford Crowley; Author of

Two days later and it's still HOT!!! So hot that you could melt a vampire, or so I've heard.

Our next guest author on the Virtual Book Tour just might have a thing or two to say about that.

So, without further ado, (and who needs more ados?), I present Guest Author Susan Hanniford Crowley; Author of:

Summer Nights, Vampire Bites

By Susan Hanniford Crowley (totally fang in cheek)

Tall, dark-haired, dark-eyed vampire David Hilliard walks in and takes a seat. A minute later, blonde Laura Cordelais comes in and sits in his lap.

"I apologize for Susan's tardiness. I hope you don't mind that she sent Laura and me ahead. So this is Oz."

"At least it's not scorching hot, like Manhattan," said Laura.

"I didn't think vampires were affected by the heat?" Susan walks in and sits in a chair.

"We're not."

Laura winced. "It's just when it's hot, all the New Yorkers are out doing things more than normally. There are humans everywhere."

"That's true. It's very hard to do what we do, when there are human everywhere," explained David.

"What do you do?"

The two just grinned.
Susan enjoyed prodding a little. "Let's talk about the Arnhem Knights."

When David shows fangs, it's more than a little frightening. Laura gets up and waves her hand, an arc of lightning shimmering around her.

"David's in a mood. When there are so many humans out and about, the uncivilized vampires go on a spree. The goal of the Arnhem Society is to civilize the vampires of the city. The purpose of the Arnhem Knights is to protect humans from death at the hands of vampires."

"We also give aid to supernaturals in trouble," he added.

"So this week's been bad?"

"Oh, God, yes. But not as bad as when that vampire movie came out. People were standing in lines outside of theaters, around the building, and vampires were si

zing them up for a late night snack." Laura sighed.

Susan shivered. She was in one of those lines.

"So any advice for the readers of Oz?"

"Yes," said David, "Stay inside. Watch tv. Read books."

"Like the Vampires in Manhattan series," added Laura.

WHEN LOVE SURVIVES is about Regina, a half leprechaun/half elf who discovers her magic on the day the World Trade Center is attacked. Gregor (shapeshifer) saves her by pulling her into a coffee shop minutes before the calamity, and they fall in love during their efforts as rescue workers. This story is also a sneak peak into the supernatural diversity of the city.

It’s available at


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For a review, see:

THE STORMY LOVE LIFE OF LAURA CORDELAIS is about Laura, a Telkhine, a rare race of supernaturals who control storms, and the tall, handsome, dark-haired, and mysterious vampire David Hilliard. While Laura is falling from the Brooklyn Bridge, David is begging God to take pity on his loneliness. He gets a vision of a woman falling. What he doesn’t know is that saving Laura plunges them both into an underworld of voodoo and sorcery, from which no one escapes. Does he love her enough to die for her? This book is filled with strange supernaturals the world has forgotten and a hot passion between two lovers who are fighting to keep together. A vampire is not worthy of a Telkhine. Does Laura really believe that?


It’s also available in Kindle at Amazon Books.

We’re also waiting for the date of its print release.

A VAMPIRE FOR CHRISTMAS is about dashing vampire and Arnhem Knight Trevor Stenwood. He’s found the woman of his dreams but she’s marked for death by demons. She has him so awestruck that he can’t find the words to talk to Georgia Blake. Georgia thinks he is a stalker. How can he protect her life if she’s afraid of him? A warm, sizzling tale reminding us that love comes in the most unexpected way.

Georgia and Trevor’s ebook can be purchased at

Coming soon from Tease Publishing LLC: A new ebook in the series, one with a humorous tone—VAMPIRE IN THE BASEMENT.

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  1. Hi, Susan,

    Your interviews are always interesting. I love when you bring along your "friends". I'll look you up at AAD!

    This was my first visit to Oz but I'll be back for sure.

  2. Thank you, J. David and Laura thanks you too.