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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Scene 3; Act 4: Guest Author April Blanding; Author of Diamonds in the Rough

The heat is less oppressive, but not by much! Good thing I sits in front of a fan, thumbing through the Virtual Book Tour and wondering who our next guest is.

Turns out its: April Blanding; Author of Diamonds in the Rough.

Now, somebody pass me a cold soda and turn the fan up higher.

“Jumping In”

Although I am only a first time author, I have gotten a slew of questions about the publishing industry and process. I don’t consider myself an expert, but I do have some knowledge about the business. However, I am still learning. Since this is my first guest blog post, I figured I would use the space to discuss some of the things I’ve learned and give some tips to those who are looking to “jump into” this business. As you read, please remember that some of this is fact and some is a matter of opinion. Also, no two authors will have the same experience in this business so their views will be different.

Research Publishing Companies

I consider this as my first rule of thumb. It is also the first thing I tell people who show interest in joining this business. It is very important that you research the company that you want to join. If you don’t, you may go in expecting more than what you are going to get in return. It helps to ask other authors what they like or dislike about the company so you can get an idea of what you’re getting yourself into. You still have to keep in mind though that everyone’s experience is different. Whereas one author may be content with the company, another author may be marking off the days when his/her contract is up. You may not even know what is considered a “good” publishing company until you have something to compare it to.

Another suggestion that I give is to submit your manuscript to a company that specializes in your genre. For example, you do not want to submit a science fiction novel to a company that only publishes romance. More than likely, the company is not going to be interested since it is not their focus. If you review the submission guidelines, most companies state specifically what they are looking for (sometimes even down to the page count!). Make sure to follow the guidelines! It is your first step to getting your manuscript reviewed!

Know Your Budget

I would highly suggest that you choose your publishing company based off your budget. Even if your company does not charge you a fee for their services, you will still need money for marketing purposes and travel. Be prepared for it!

If you want to self-publish, be prepared to handle almost all of the expenses. Yes, you keep creative control over your work, but you are also responsible for the costs. This can include cover design, editing, etc, depending on the package that you purchase.

Remember this: it takes money to make money!

Keep it One Hundred

Since it is your work and your dream, you are naturally going to put in one hundred percent. You want everything to be perfect even down to the period at the end of the sentence. Going into the business, you expect to get the same thing in return. Well, the truth is, it doesn’t always happen. I have met a slew of authors and have heard some horror stories. Your vision for your work may be to inspire while someone else’s is to simply make money. Some companies do not care if your book has errors. They will publish it in a heartbeat without a second thought.

Out of all the tips I’ve given, the most important one is this: Do not ever give up. If you have a dream, take control to make it a reality. The only person who can stop you is YOU!

Diamond is the Rough can be purchased form the following retailers:

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