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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I've often heard Princess Ozma talk about how the world of OZ and all it represents still has relevance in the outside world even after one hundred and nine years. Seeing the Scarecrow featured in a commercial during the Superbowl merely confirms her wisdom about modern society.

Of course, trying to explain to a fairy princess what television is nearly impossible since she is of the old world and knows not of technology. I wouldn't even dare try. I'm only her Royal Liaison and bound by her commands to reach out to the outside world and tell the tale of Jamie Diggs, great grandson of the original Wizard of OZ.

I am curious how they talked the Scarecrow into wearing all that shiny stuff. Last time I was in OZ, I recall him talking about not being vain or needing to put on airs.

By the way, in the commercial, there's a crow that appears and shows up at the gates to Emerald City. That crow is, I believe, Corvus and he is the Head of the Messenger Crows, an elite corp of birds that serve the Scarecrow at his leisure.

Just a few moments ago, I also saw a Chips Ahoy commercial featuring Toto. Now the little black dog of smooth hair is getting into the act.

Oh well, Long Live OZ!

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