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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Oz, Oz, Everywhere... and even Keith Olberman

When I hear Wizard of Oz music on Countdown with Keith Olberman, I know that OZ is deeply rooted in our culture.
I also just noticed that Richard Engel was appearing on the Rachel Maddow Show and just mentioned the Emerald City at end of Yellow Brick Road. OZ is here. OZ is there. OZ is everywhere.

Recall over a hundred years ago how OZ dominated popular culture, imparting values and lessons that are timeless. Generations embraced the world of Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz, Princess Ozma and Glinda the Good, the Emerald City and Toto too.
Now, we see OZ firmly planted in pop culture and sold as curios and knick-knacks.
Once a year, the movie rolls out and everyone watches, as do I. It is, after all, a timeless tale.

I began MAGICIAN OF OZ, the story of Jamie Diggs last July as a tale of truth and loyalty, friendship and family. Most of all, it started as a story of Love.
It pleases me to report that this wonderful children's tale of OZ has retained every aspect of my original vision. There are two more volumes to go and volume two is already written.
Speaking of visions and volumes, to see and experience OZ is to be transported to land both steeped in the past and yearning for the future. The people of OZ retain all the youth and vitality of a timeless existence.
Their ruler, Princess Ozma still rules with a kind and caring persona.
Despite being over one hundred years old, Princess Ozma still sees the child of today as she was then. The values we once were taught seem distant and out of reach to even the most casual observer.
As such, I see as she does how reading must once more become a core value. In fact, it must become THE core value else we risk losing all that has been gained since the time of Dorothy and Toto.
As someone who has impacted the lives of children through education and entertainment, the ability to bring forth these tales of OZ, as told to me by those in OZ was crucial to my ongoing effort to further the cause of literacy among our youth. As a father of five and grandfather of nine and a half, I am compelled to bring forth these tales so that my own children and grandchildren will benefit from their stories and lessons.

Soon, another tale of OZ will appear that will please all who read it, whether for themselves or the children they read it to. MAGICIAN OF OZ will soon be here.

Long live OZ!

James C. Wallace II
Royal Liaison to Princess Ozma

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