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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Dorothy Gale!!!! Of Kansas!!!!!

Depending on your childhood and the parents who raised you, you know well of Dorothy Gale... of Kansas. Your view of her is colored by the spectrum through which you looked.

Of course, Dorothy Gale first appeared in L. Frank Baum's first book, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (1900) and she was not quite what most folks would recall.

In no time at all and with the addition of a new illustrator, we watch as Dorothy evolves into a more complex, yet dainty creature.

Before you know it, Dorothy Gale has gained a sensitivity and beauty that defies the passage of Time.

Of course, most of us regard Dorothy as that dog-toting, witch killing, singer of songs and runaway vagabond.

Now, of course, I grew up with that vision and several others as Time passed and the public desire for all things Oz remained ever present in the minds of our younglings. 
Once I was introduced to cartoons, my vision of Oz leaned more toward the freedom of animation and the Laws of Cartoon Physics.

By the late 70's, the ever evolving need to attain a wider audience brought about a new Dorothy in a new Kansas...or should I say Big Apple?

Before long, even Disney felt obliged to jump into the Forbidden Fountain and give us an edgier Dorothy than we thought proper.

And if Disney can do it, why not the Muppets and their zany take on Dorothy and the Land of Oz?

And I almost forgot Tin Man, which inadvertently launched me into Oz... and my writing of the Royal Magician of Oz.

Which then begs the inevitable Tom and Jerry slant, which is animation, and so I liked it.

Now, Dorothy of Oz makes her appearance... and all looks well, despite those menacing Cumulus clouds in the sky..

Ahhh Dorothy, You have remained pure of heart and posses a grateful soul... as always~

James C. Wallace II
Royal Liaison to Princess Ozma

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