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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

LiveNation and/or Ticketmaster Possible Fraud Alert!

Last Friday, I got word that Jimmy Buffet tickets were to go on sale through Ticketmaster the next day (Saturday, April 21) at 10am. These are REALLY hard to get! I was just grateful to get word ahead of time.

My 10 year old granddaughter, who it turns out is a Parrothead (a big Jimmy Buffet fan) was really thrilled that grandpa was going to grab some seats to see her favorite musician!

So I looked up the local Ticketmaster outlet through their website to verify they would be open and found the location at the Hulman Center, Indiana State University, Terre Haute, Indiana had open hours at 10am, which is when Buffet tickets were to go on sale.

Hulman Center Store Hours

Monday-Saturday: 10:00am-8:00pm
Sunday, 11:00am-7:00pm

So I got up, got my money ready (cash only), and headed down to grab a pair of pavilion seats as close as possible to the stage. Experience has shown me that if you don't try at the moment they go on sale, chances are you don't get great seats, so I felt I had a good chance at getting in the first few rows. Much to my dismay, when I got there, the office was closed, locked and the hours posted did NOT say open on Saturday.

Angry is a mild way of putting how I felt at the moment. I felt I had been lied to by Ticketmaster, LiveNation, Hulman Center and even Indiana State University.

Now I'm sure ISU will place blame elsewhere, then Hulman Center will allocate blame elsewhere, then LiveNation and Ticketmaster will shunt blame elsewhere.

As a customer willing to spend my money, I don't care who's to blame! I don't care for lame excuses!!!  All I know is that the Ticketmaster retail outlet locator stated hours for the Hulman Center location which were a lie! As such, I headed home and found another location at our local Walmart. I got there just in time to get a pair of lawn seats. Not quite what I wanted. I was willing to spend good money only to be a victim of fraud and/or deception on the part of Ticketmaster, LiveNation, Hulman Center and even Indiana State University.

Now, when I attend this show with my granddaughter, while she will have a great time, I will only recall how I was decieved by Ticketmaster and LiveNation, along with the Hulman Center and Indiana State University.
I ashamed to say that ISU is my alma mater.

James C. Wallace II

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