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Friday, August 26, 2011

The Writing Madness of Oz! Day 12...

So, I'm finding the pace of writing to be a bit less hectic than before. Frankly, I like it! I'm finding the pace to be far more enjoyable than the last time, not that I'm complaining. It's just nicer now not being so hectic and frantic!!!!

So yesterday, I took off from just about everything in order to take my 9 year old granddaughter, Adrianna to a Jimmy Buffet concert. Turns out she's a Parrothead! Go figure?

Anyway, we had loads of fun. We sang, we danced, we acted like total Parrotheads and really enjoyed ourselves.
For her, it was her 1st concert. For me, it was my 162nd concert. Adrianna's got a ways to go to catch up with Grandpa!

When the last song was over (2 1/2 hours later!), the lights came up and another song played as a farewell while the crowds dispersed. You may recognize it...

Over the Rainbow

Needless to say, I was both pleased and exhausted. I felt almost alone among the throngs of people as I thought about Princess Ozma and Her Royal Command to me several years ago. It was as if She were calling out to me and I was fairly certain no one else in that crowd of hula skirts, flip-flops and such had ever written of Oz.

It was Serendipity once again and I am humbled by Her Majesty.

Today, I sat down to read my co-authors revised chapter 3 contribution to our newest novel, Whether the Sea is Boiling Hot and Whether Pigs Have Wings. I had thought I would think about where to go from here but Her Majesty, Princess Ozma's inspiration and last nights' sign from Her compelled me to face the screen and have a go at it.
2 hours later and my next chapter is done. I do so enjoy writing of the heroes this time. It was almost effortless and I am spent by the effort. Still though, The Ozian Adventure of Pickleless & Blu is on my mind and I may just try a little writing tonight.

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